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On this site you can review my books, my bio, and read descriptions and first pages. Click the Book Information link at the top of the page to find descriptions of my books and first pages. Check them out. If you enjoy my books tell others about them. I welcome feedback about my books be it positive or negative.

As a writer my interests range over a number of genres including westerns, mysteries, action/adventure, general fiction, and my goal is to ultimately expand into science fiction. In today's world, I feel a writer has to be flexible and not become locked into one particular genre. I don't feel this is unrealistic, as most genres of fiction are concerned with human emotions, desires, and shortcomings. And a story often cuts into more than one genre. A western may have elements of romance, a romance may also contain a mystery, etc.

My books are available to order from major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Booksamillion. The To Order tab at the top of the page contains direct links to major sellers. In addition, other online outlets such as Powell's books typically offer my books as well.

If you are a reader looking for a change from what is currently available in terms of fiction, check out some independently published books, such as mine. There are many fine authors now going the independent or self-published route, turning out some exceptional novels.

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